DiggerFeast now starting in September (4th Quarter)

Okay folks, this is just an announcement to say that we’re putting the first episode of the DiggerFeast being published by another month, which means we’re starting in September. This means that we’ll be able to start at the beginning of the 4th quarter, but also gives us enough time to generate a backlog of episodes to film, and publish on a schedule, so from that point on, we should have an episode to publish each week, on a regular basis.

I know that yet again that this means a longer delay before you see episodes, but it’s important that this is done before anything properly starts, because it would otherwise be difficult to change it once we’ve started. This also means that we’ll have time to go through all the filmed episodes, and edit them, as well as come up with a proper publishing order for each episode, plus it gives us a chance to source some monthly boxes for us to acquire for September/October time. There’s also the fact that I need to make some huge structural changes to how things are done within Stormhaven Media, to simplify and make things quicker to do overall; even if we’re not publishing any videos at present, we are at least working on a supporting infrastructure to help improve the experience for everyone.

Ultimately, all this will be in aid of improving the way things are done in the future, also facilitating other people being able to take over and film episodes with others (without needing me to take the front seat, or even be there at all!). However, given that there will be a delay, I am at least going to move over the old DiggerFeast videos that have already been uploaded over to the new DiggerKrew channel. For some of you, that means you’ll see the videos again, and for others it’ll mean a brand new experience. In any case, I do at least want to get them in the place they should now be. Keep in mind that they may get slight renames (as in the seasons and the episodes) to fit within the new system we have in place, but they will still retain their original names, plus I also plan to upload the full set of bloopers from our first attempts. I will probably also upload more episodes from that run (mostly unedited), just to have something up there.

All of the Standard Definition episodes as of now will be under “Season 1”, starting with Episode 0, called “Pilot 1”, and following a logical pattern after that, with the release order being changed as appropriate. Additionally, all episodes published on the channel will go through 24 hours ad-free, with the eventual option to go 72-48 hours ad-free under certain conditions, but for now, the 24 hour rule is in effect. Those of you who are watching after 24 hours, we would appreciate it very much (and would be very thankful) if you could temporarily disable your ad-blocker whilst watching our videos, as we get paid via ad revenue, and we cannot support – or partially support – the channel (or Stormhaven Media as a whole) without the revenue from ads.

We do plan to eventually do a Patreon, as well as other revenue generation methods, but we don’t have plans for any of that properly until next year.

Lastly, not long after you read this, we should also have a presence on vid.me too. For the most part, vid.me is ultimately going to be a mirror for YouTube, in case something happens, but it’s also another potential revenue stream we might be able to work with in the future. In any case, we will update you with the link as and when that happens. the videos will literally be direct copies from YouTube, with the exact same video description, and so on, just on a different platform.

In any case, that’s it for now. If you have any comments, concerns, complaints, suggestions, or anything else that concerns the DiggerKrew, feel free to comment below, or on the Facebook page, or tweet us, and we’ll respond to you ASAP.

Until next time…



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