Okay folks, I have some updates regarding things.

Given that my current health issues prevent me from doing many things at present, I’m going to be scaling back the publishing of DiggerFeast videos for this month, down to 2, which will be the Easter special (due on the 21st, as I’m moving publishing to Sundays), and also the “Week 5 Special”. This means that we have 3 other videos which will eventually be published, though I will at least publish one of those videos at the relevant slot in May, with the other videos being published whenever they’re appropriate to.

I do feel that I probably should mention that new videos are always filmed the previous month (at a weekend that’s available for everyone participating), so things can (and usually do) change over time. For instance, in at least one of the videos, I made reference to Saturday being the day we release them, though that’s no longer the case, as we agreed to – and also possibly made a blog post about it – publish the DiggerFeast episodes every Sunday instead, especially given I’m trying to space out all my recording stuff over the week, seeing as I wouldn’t just be involved with the DiggerFeast (although I have scaled this back).

As far as things go, even though I have scaled back elsewhere, I won’t be doing it on the DiggerFeast, because I need to practice being in front of a camera, as well as being able to talk whilst recording, amongst other techniques. Additionally, there is the benefit that the DF videos are unscripted, so we can bounce off of each other as we try stuff out. I do eventually want to do some solo work, but it will likely be associated with Diggernomics, or maybe the odd DiggerFeast “Bite”, which I still intend to keep as a thing, although I’m going to allow up to 15 minutes for a bite, although I’ll also retain the “Nibble” for anything lasting around 5 minutes, where appropriate. Bites and Nibbles, coincidentally will generally remain unedited, given they’re meant to be quick and dirty videos at the heart of it.

In any case, from this month, we’ll be changing the way recordings are done in the future as well, seeing as certain things aren’t working as well as I’d hoped. I also need to factor in the additional time for editing too, so things will also need to change there. I’m not sure of the extent of the changes right now, but I will say that I’m going to try to keep the DiggerFeast eps at around 30-35 minutes at most, though there may be an exception here and there depending on the content of the video.

Rest assured though, even if we’re again needing to change things up (to make things easier in the long run, as well as to experiment), things will eventually start getting a bit more stable.

As always, watch this space, and until next time, it’s goodbye from me…



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