An update

Okay folks, so we finished the recording of all the episodes yesterday, although they have to be put through our post-production process. Additionally, given a slight mistake on my part, I misread the calendar, so any mentions of Fridays, will instead be referring to Saturdays. Also, as this is both a reboot, and we’re starting up again after a while, the length of each video is a bit uneven compared to each other; I will at least say that all completed episodes will all clock in at between 18-30 mins for this run. In future eps, we’ll try to make them average around 25 minutes at most, with the exception of the monthly box episodes, which will be recorded for up to 15 minutes per box (and up to 3 episodes), so you won’t have to sit through a box that doesn’t interest you in order to get to the one you don’t want.
We only did one box (albeit with a lot of stuff, so it is twice as long as an average box ep) this time, as we’re not yet in a position to start purchasing monthly boxes. When we are able to, we’ll notify you all via the blog but we won’t reveal all of the boxes until the actual day itself, although I will say that we’ll at least be doing Loot Crates as part of the monthly boxes. The remaining two will be one-offs, so we get to show off as many as possible, though we may also take a vote on the future way we do the boxes on that day. In any case, the first DiggerFeast episode will be published on YouTube on Saturday the 1st of April at 17:00 (5pm), with shows remaining on that day and time for the foreseeable future.

We’ll follow the following format:

  1. Food or Drink
  2. Lucky Bags, blind bags, and the like
  3. Food or Drink
  4. Monthly Boxes
  5. A mini-series which runs separately to the main one.

Additionally, if for some reason we don’t have the items to do one of the episodes, we’ll do another episode from one of the other types, although it’s very likely it’ll just be another food/drink episode, as that’s what we have the most of!

Lastly, if you have any comments about our content, then feel free to comment or contact us via the blog, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, or you can tweet us @DiggerKrew. We hope you enjoy the episodes, and we look forward to improving them as time goes on.

As always, watch this space.



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