First DF Blog Post & Updates to DiggerFeast Reboot

Okay, so this is the first post from the DiggerKrew blog, and will in fact be the primary blog for the DiggerFeast, and all other DiggerKrew projects (except for Diggerventures, and Diggernomics which have their own blogs) will be mentioned here. It goes without saying almost that you should see this post published to Facebook (and Twitter via the FB page), and the Google+ pages. Additionally, the DiggerKrew has a dedicated channel, which all videos will be published to in the future, with the older DiggerFeast videos being uploaded in the future, after a few Reboot episodes are uploaded.
On that subject, I’m just letting you all know that the premiere of the DiggerFeast reboot (also incorporating the mystery stuff, and monthly unboxes under the same name) will instead starting in April. This gives us enough time to make sure we do a proper reboot, and to plan out shows in a consistent fashion, as well as allowing us to make sure we keep everything consistent, and finally starting to edit videos! The core show format will remain the same, being unscripted, but having higher production values, or at least the beginning of such.
Apologies for this last-minute announcement, but circumstances has ultimately dictated that we were unable to film any episodes this month. Additionally, I should mention that for the three instances where a fifth weekend exists (starting with April), there will be a three-part interlinking mini-series which will be food and drink related, all of which follow a single theme. You’ll find out around mid-April what that entails, as for now., I’m keeping things under wraps!
Lastly, the rebooted show will follow the format of:
Week 1: Food/Drink
Week 2: Blind bags, lucky bags, and the like
Week 3: Food/Drink
Week 4: Monthly box unboxings – one video per box
Week 5 (rare): Extra shows, additional thematic shows, or a mini-series
It should also be mentioned that as the monthly box unboxings are not yet in a position to properly, as we currently haven’t set aside a budget for monthly box, so we’ll choose one of the other types of shows to replace it for the time being, although we do have a month to pick up a monthly box. It should also be noted that the above will also apply if we’re lacking material for any of the other types of shows, we’ll also make a substitution. That said however, we have an overwhelming amount of food and drink, so those episodes will likely form the bulk of replacements.
This coincidentally is why I merged the 3 separate shows into one single show, so it makes things easier to manage, and enables us to keep to a schedule.
In the meantime however, watch this space for details, and other updates.

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